RDEX Food International Phils., Inc. (RDEX) processes yellowfin tuna, milkfish, litopenaeus vannamei shrimps (white shrimps) and other high-valued marine products. It also ventured into value-adding of seafood products. RDEX products are distributed worldwide and also to the local market through its RDEX Tuna shops located nationwide.

RDEX processing plant has dedicated and well-trained personnel. It is one of the most advanced processing plants in General Santos City. It is equipped with modern facilities, in compliance with the International Food Safety Standards –GMP,SSOP and HACCP (HACCP Certified), USDC Inspected and Approved, USFDA and E.U. Certified. RDEX can assure that only products and services of highest quality reach its customers.

RDEX also operates and manages its own Aquaculture and Mariculture farms certified by BFAR as EU registered farms. It grows and produces litopenaeus vannamei shrimps in compliance to the Good Aquaculture Standards of BFAR. It also has its own hatchery to provide good quality fry to the farms. Its Finfish Division grows tilapia, milkfish and other species of fish. Both Aquaculture and Finfish Divisions cater to the local and export market.