“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

This Bible verse is a fitting proverb for RD-PNG Group as the group celebrated its 22nd founding anniversary on June 2019 at Jais Aben Resort, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

The celebration recognized the men and women of the organization who made the company successful through their dedication and excellent service. Filled with festive activities, the event unfolded with an ambiance of gratitude starting with praise and worship led by RD Fishing PNG Ltd. (RDF-PNG) followed by a Bible message from Pastor Alexander Ayop.

This year’s service awardees were led by Mr. Godfrey Genete who rendered 20 years of service to RD Tuna Canners Ltd. (RDTC-PNG). Other awardees from RDTC-PNG are Mr. Joseph Ortiz (10 years), Madelyn Sadio (10 years), Maridel S. Madjad (10 years), Leahflor Mampawa (10 years), and Eduardo Verzosa (10 years); for RDF-PNG, Mr. Eduardo Belleza (10 years).

The celebration was highlighted with a competition among expats to show off Filipino folk dances, as well as, a band music competition – “Laban ng Banda” as a way of displaying diverse Filipino ethnicity.

The event was a success with awardees, performers, and guests jubilant from the whole celebration. Kudos to the host of the event – the RDTC-PNG Production Department led by Ms. Jovelyn Pajo, and Human Resource Department Team! (Marvin P. Conde)