It has been a year since LINK (Leaders in Inspiring and Nurturing Kinship) or RDC EMC (Employee Management Council) was launched and still inspired to increase awareness of the employees of their duties and responsibilities as an integral part of the organization.  LINK also actively performs its role as a communication tool to promote transparency, sense of ownership and employee-management cooperation to create a
harmonious working environment and to meet the goal of the company.

Then and now, here are some of what the LINK has been up to: Gearing up for RD Corporation’s transition to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Productivity Committee initiated the 7S program where every department will now embrace and embody good housekeeping in their respective offices. LINK also spearheaded RD Group of Companies activities like Employee Service Awards (ESA) 2018, RD Cup 2018, Blood Letting, First Aid Training, and Firelympics. LINK also rendered collaboration for the successful Spiritual Retreat and Team Building of RD Corporation. Currently, LINK has been assisting to the review of RD Corporation’s Company Rules and Regulation (CRR) to get it updated and tailor fit to today’s corporate set-up.

Last but not the least, the Steering Committee has been working on the creation of LINK website and planning of having an EMC Summit for all EMCs across RD Group.  It has been a good-bye to former LINK’s Modulator Joemari A. Salinas who has pioneered this vision into reality. At present, LINK is now having its new modulator in the person of Mahalaleel S. Malayo who accepted to further run the vision of RDC EMC-LINK. “Accepting this role is a bit challenging to me. But I am grateful as to how the management and my co-employees see me as someone capable to be in this place. Nevertheless, what the former modulator has started we will make sure that it’ll be continued and improved. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to see LINK meeting or even raising from the par when it comes to achieving its purpose, objective and as to what it has been created for.” – Mr.
Malayo, LINK’s current Modulator, about his thoughts on LINK. (Fernaline Joy Galopo)