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Hiring – RD Corporation


Labor Relations Officer Must have at least finished one year in law school Must be knowledgeable in labor relations At least one year experience in the related field Paralegal  Must have at least finished one year in law school Must have at least one year experience as paralegal staff or related position Recruitment [...]

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IIA Awareness Month – Understanding Fraud


Fraud is real. No market participant is exempted from its damaging effects – not even our organization. Fraud is the intentional false representation or concealment of a material fact for the purpose of inducing another to act upon it to his or her injury (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Fraudsters are [...]

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Hiring – Seabest Foods and Beverage Corporation


Sales and Marketing Representative Job Qualifications: 1. Marketing Graduate (Other Course with equivalent experience is welcome to apply) 2. Communication Skills/Reporting/Selling 3. Hardworking/Can go beyond office hours depending on client's need 4. Computer literate (Office Application)   For interested applicants, please send your resume to

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Hiring – RD Corporation


Training Officer Qualifications: Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, HRDM, Behavioral Sciences, or equivalent At least 2 years experience in training or related field Must be adept in planning and coordinating with training service providers, needs analysis, training evaluation, etc. For interested applicants, please send your application letter and resume to or [...]

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Hiring – RD Corporation


Company Nurse Job Requirements: Must be a Registered Nurse Responsible for administering medical job, implementing guidelines and policies and facilitating health programs in preventive manner and community based setting For inquiries, please contact Ms. Chelsea Mae A. Sensano. Kindly sent your Application Letter, Resume, Transcript of Records, and other related documents to [...]

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IIA Awareness Month


Time to flip the calendar, it’s May! May is the International Internal Audit Awareness Month, a time to raise the consciousness about the profession, and to appreciate its value and contributions to the organization. In line with this celebration, here is a material that outlines the basics of Internal Audit and the different types [...]

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