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It has been a year since LINK (Leaders in Inspiring and Nurturing Kinship) or RDC EMC (Employee Management Council) was launched and still inspired to increase awareness of the employees of their duties and responsibilities as an integral part of the organization.  LINK also actively performs its role as a communication tool to promote transparency, sense of ownership and employee-management cooperation [...]

LINK in Action2019-02-18T08:28:19+08:00

LINK – Birth to Solidarity


THE BIG DAY AUGUST 18, 2017 – Net Department Open Court, RDFII Compound, 1st Road, Brgy. Calumpang, GSC. LINK (Leaders in Inspiring and Nurturing Kinship) or RDC EMC (Employee Management Council) was launched to support one of the company’s mission: to promote the well-being and uphold the dignity of its employees. [...]

LINK – Birth to Solidarity2019-02-19T10:44:54+08:00
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